SquareFoot Gardening


Vermiculite is one of three key components of square foot gardening. Vermiculite  is a mineral that expands and contracts in response to changes in temperatures more easily than other minerals. The constant expansion and contraction, as well as moisture retention for longer periods of  time is what makes vermiculite an invaluable tool for successful square foot Gardening.


Vermiculite is lightweight and easy to handle when mixing with soil, fertilizers, compost materials and other components used in square foot gardening. Vermiculite moisture / nutrient release characteristics eliminates worry of over- or under-watering or fertilizing and allows square foot gardens to flourish.


J.P. Austin / A-Tops offers  Medium Grade vermiculate recommended by the official forum for square foot gardening. We supply  Medium Grade vermiculate in 4 Cu. Ft., 6 Cu. Ft., 58 Cu. Ft., or 64 Cu. Ft. bags. 


Our customers include some of the largest horticultural nurseries in the United States. Make JP Austin / A-Tops your last stop for your square foot garden vermiculite needs!

SquareFoot Gardening

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